About us

Pennants of Canada produces custom, vintage inspired felt pennants. Manufactured in Canada, we work with some of our country's best artists to produce our designs.

We're owned by The Awesome Media Network which has operated for nearly a decade telling stories about the awesome people, places and things that make us proud to be Canadian.

Our designers include Kim Ridgewell, Shawn Parkinson, Marcus Hynes, Jamie Anderson, Bill Watterson, Jill Southern, Emanuel Smedbøl, 10four Design Group and Justin Longoz. More will be announced each month along with new designs.

Our creative director is Bob Kronbauer, founder of the network and host of the history TV show, BC Was Awesome. Bob has worked as an Artist Mentor at Nike, a designer in the art department at Spike Jonze's skateboard company, and he has created and curated collections for Livestock, Poketo, Skull Skates, Threadless Select and others.

Follow us on Instagram, Like our Facebook Page and bookmark our blog where we'll be sharing our latest product releases as well as bringing you stories of the artists we work with, and the inspirations for their work.

Shoot an email to info@pennantsofcanada.com.